Third training and installation trip to Botswana

The 3rd VDV installation and training trip to Botswana was now in September. This time we went to the Karowe mine which means precious stone in the local language. The diamond mine was completed in 2012 but in 2015. It made diamond history when they found 1109 carat diamond which is the second largest diamond in history since 1905.

Around the open pit mine there are boreholes equipped with Piezometers, TDR cables and Campbell SCI loggers for movement and ground water monitoring. Through wireless communication the data from those stations is downloaded to a server in the office and imported into VDV. VDV is then used to give the mine staff user access to the data for presentation, examination, alarms and etc.

Our partners Aridus Hydro Geotechnik in Botswana have done a great job offering VDV as a part of their solution. VDV has been installed in 4 different projects in 3 diamond mines (Orapa, Damtshaa and Karowe) in Botswana.