New Features, Improvements and bug fixes

Over the last year we have been working on VDV2016 and our improvements, like in earlier years, were guided by customer feedback and suggestions.  We have added new exciting features and improved others.

Having a clear project overview is now even easier before with the new Dashboard option and VDVs Alarm functionality has been improved aswell.

New Features


It is now even easier to have a clear project overview. Use the new Dashboard feature to pick and choose components into a dashboard for specific projects and users. Various components can include an Alarm Overview, Distribution Wind roses, Wind Roses, Diurnal Graphs, Graphs, Histograms, Numerical Indicators, Photos, Real Time Displays, Update Overview, Webcams and text boxes. The text boxes can be fully customized show any online source such as Twitter feeds, Facebook timelines or webpages, this enables significant possibilities for customization.

See the Video

Custom Alarms

Customize alarms exactly the way you like. Using the new Custom Alarm Feature to set an alarm for “higher than”, “equal” or “lower than”  a specific value for the “average”, “sum” or “rate of change” value of a specific variable over any time interval. Customize alarm repetitions, alarm descriptions and the email subject line.  These alarm customization come as an addition to the already available Low Low, Low, High and High High alarms and alarm delay options already available in VDV.

Example usage:

Total rainfall for past Hour/Day
Rate of Change over the past 24 Hours
Average Wind Speed over the past Hour

Alarm Attachments

Now you can significantly reduce reaction time following alarms using Alarm Attachments. Set your alarm messages to to send you both a Graph showing the Variable that has triggered the alarm as well as the relevant information in a table format. Further customize the time time interval shown in your attachments to make sure it gives you the information you need.

Other Improvements

  • In Contact Group overview, show Contact Group members.
  • Change database column from Float to Double.
  • New Localization (dd/mm/YYYY).
  • When opening Site folder in db.robot.c the .dat file is now selected.
  • Graph legend improved when Variable names are long.
  • Split Data files on a network drives.
  • Table View shown only data from graphs that are being viewed.

Bug Fixes

  • Alarm limits on Graphs in Raw Reports now working.
  • Displacement Graph scroll fixed.
  • Displacement Graph to show always latest data.
  • Google maps, first variable not showing in table view.
  • Hide header/footer in RTD direct login.
  • RoC variables in Quick View.
  • SAA Setup, fix when positions are being updated.
  • Confirm Virtual Variables alarms fix.
  • Virtual Variables pop-up graphs on RTD.