New Features, Improvements and bug fixes

Last year we have been working on VDV2015 which is full of user driven feedback. We have added new and exciting features and improved others. With VDV2015 our users will have more control of their VDV system and it will be much easier to Manage users data.

With VDV2015 we are also introducing a new pricing structure designed to make VDV fit into projects of all shape and sizes. It has never been as affordable to get started with VDV.

New Features

Improved Access Controls

In VDV2015 changes have been made to the web access control to make it more flexible. The main change is that the Owner property is now used throughout VDV to control access to features.
Users can now be connected to one Owner, multiple Owners or all Owners. A user can then have access to all features (Sites, RTD, Webcam…) belonging to his Owner. This makes user maintenance much easier since users will automatically get access to new features that are connected to his Owner.
These changes have been made to make it easier to manage multiple clients in one VDV system.

User Role

It is now possible to create User Roles in VDV and have users connected to a User Role. This makes it easier to manage the access rights privileges of user groups on large VDV system. If a User Role is updated and given rights to view Diurnal Graphs for example, then all Users with that User Role will automatically have access to Diurnal Graphs as well.
User Role is available in VDV Premium and they are created using the web interface.

localization table

Table view with showing data with a custom localization. Date is shown in a format and the numeric values have comma (,) as the decimal point.


VDV2015 introduces a new feature called Localization. The purpose of Localization is to present data in the VDV web interface in a format that matches the users local format.
The following items can be customized: Date Format, Hour Format (24/12), Decimal Point, File Delimiter, File Ending & Paper Size.
Multiple Localizations can be created and each User can use a different Localization.
The changes can be seen throughout VDV. Numerical values can now be shown with a decimal point as (,) but before all values had period (.) as the decimal point. The data format can now also be customized for example in table views and download files.

Data Handling

In VDV2015 3 new tools have been added to give greater flexibility when importing data in db.robot.c.

Change Latest Timestamp. The main use of this function is to reset the latest timestamp in cases where a record with an incorrect future timestamp has been imported. If this happens the db.robot.c will stop importing data for the Station since it will only import data with a newer timestamp then the latest timestamp value. Before it was not possible to fix this problem without manually making changes directly in the VDV database.

Delete Data From Station: This function can be used to delete data from a Station. The data will be removed from the VDV database and will not be accessible any longer from within VDV. The deleted data will be saved into an archive file that can be stored if needed.
This function can be used to remove bad data from VDV, for example to remove initial project data that may have been imported before final installation of sensors.

Auto Data Truncate: This function can be used to automatically delete data from a Station. For Stations with Auto Truncate activated the db.robot.c will regularly delete all data from the Station that is older then the selected Days to keep value.
For example a Days to keep value of 30 will only keep data that has a timestamp that is greater then NOW-30 days. To further clarify. If a station has a Days to keep value of 30 and for some reason the station stops receiving new data. Then after 30 days the station will have no data left.

This function can be useful if only a certain time period of data should be kept in VDV, which is sometimes the case with public data or data that should not be accessible after certain time.


Data Handling is accessed in db.robot.c under the Edit->Data Handling.


Directory structure for Documents

The Documents feature in VDV now also includes directories. Directories are introduced to make it easier to manage and organize multiple documents.
For example a project can now contain document directories for different document types: Manual, Photos, Reports.
Directories greatly enhance the usability of the Documents feature in VDV.

Displacement Graph Setup online

In VDV2015 Displacement Graphs can be created and edited using the VDV web interface.

Displacement Graph Setup Online is available in VDV Premium.

Owner Setup Online

In VDV2015 Owners can be created and edited using the VDV web interface. Logo can now be connected to an Owner.

download data

Allow Download from different Sites

In the web interface for VDV data can now be downloaded from multiple Sites simultaneously. Before users could only download data from a single site each time.

Wind Rose Year Overview

It is now possible to view 12 wind roses on a single page to give a month by month comparison for a 12 month period.
This feature is accessible under Quick View in the VDV web interface.

wind rose

multiple emails

Allow multiple emails for single contact

A contact can now have more then one email. Multiple emails can be entered separated by a comma (,).
This can make it easier to manage contacts. For example a company Contact can be created with several company employees emails. Another use is that a contact can now be created with two emails, his business email and his text message email address.

RTD Icon options for data groups (square, circle, triangle…)

It is now possible to select different icons for data groups on Real Time Displays. Before all data groups had a rectangle icon. Now users can choose from the following icons: Rectangle, Circle, Triangle up, Triangle down, Diamond, Trapezoid & Cone.
One use for different icons is that different instrument types on a RTD can be shown with different icons.

Duplicate RTD

It is now possible to duplicate a RTD configuration. This can be very useful in projects where many similar RTDs are created.
Duplicate RTD is available in VDV Premium and is accessed through the web interface.

RTD setup Online

In VDV2015 Real Time Displays can be created and edited using the VDV web interface.

RTD Setup Online is available in VDV Premium.



Disable Responsive (mobile) Layout

It is now possible to disable the mobile layout in VDV when viewing the VDV web on a mobile phone. We have received feedback from users that they have not been able to use all of the VDV features using the mobile interface. By allowing users to disable the mobile layout all users should be able to use the VDV web on their mobile interface as they best see fit.

Other Improvements

  • Direct Redirect – log into the webpage you were asking for once you log in
  • Owner Setup Online
  • Google Map as default login page
  • Month Overview Precision
  • Show Virtual Variables in Site Setup Online
  • Use TAB button to move between inputs in Alarm Setup

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Table Header in large tables
  • Split Data Files fixed
  • SAA Scale fix
  • Can’t save data issue online fixed
  • Download Data in IE8 and 9 updated
  • Graph Auto Scale
  • Graphs with Variable on X axis
  • Month Overview update
  • Print Graphs remove hover legend
  • Area Chart in Real Time Display fixed Scale
  • Manual Input columns arrange in database order but not Variable name
  • Time zone offset
  • Alarm Confirm opens a new tab
  • Moving Average last value not calculated correctly
  • Wind Rose – skip NaN values