On Site Training at Son La and Lai Chau Hydro- powerplants

In some cases companies that are getting started with VDV want to be sure they are using the system to its full potential right from the start.

In larger projects, particularly when a large number of employees will use the VDV system, an on-site training session is a good idea to be sure that the system is maintained and used effectively. An on-site installation is also effective when assistance is needed with the system setup, communication or design.

In his most recent trip, VDV Professional, Olafur went to Vietnam to perform a system update and staff training for Vietnam Power Group (EVN) which is the largest power company in the country. The purpose of the trip was to update the VDV monitoring systems in two of the largest hydropowerplants in Vietnam. The dams involved were Son La (2,400 MW) which is the largest hydropowerplant in Vietnam and Lai Châu (1,200 MW) which is the 3rd largest hydropowerplant in the country.

The trip went very well and the each dam is now up and running with a fully functions Vista Data Vision monitoring system.

Olafur, VDV Application Engineer with Lai Chau Employees

Lai Chau