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VDV is the Most User Friendly Software available for the analysis of data from Measurand ShapeAccelArray sensors.

If You Use SAA Data on a regular basis, then VDV is the Solution for You.

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Our Costumers Include

Simple User Interference

VDV has the most intuitive user interference available for the analysis of SAA data. SAA View, a feature within VDV, has been developed specifically to support and effectively display data from Measurand´s ShapeAccelArray sensors. Importing the data, either manually or automatically is straightforward and can be set up within minutes so you can begin analyzing your data. Data can be examined using an Historical Overview or in Real Time.

One Stop Solution

VDV can be used for all types of data, making it possible to combine all project data into a single application. It allows for automatic import of sensor data from any datalogger into VDV, adding manually collected data, uploading documents (Images, PDF, Word, Excel), sending alarm notifications, generating reports and much more.

Access Your data Anytime, Anywhere.

With VDV, your SAA data, along with all other data you might be using in your project, can be stored and accessed on demand.

  VDV is a web based application allowing its users to approach their data at the moment they need it through any web based device.

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