The Mount Washington Observatory runs Vista Data Vision applications for their logged data, data base storage, displaying data to the web and for reporting.

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, USA, is one of the oldest weather observatories in the world. Located in the White Mountains, it is a non-profit and educational institute whose purpose is to maintain a permanently staffed observatory atop Mount Washington and to use this unique station and other facilities to conduct programs of environmental observation and technical research, and to develop educational programs to advance public knowledge of the unique meteorology, natural sub-arctic environment, and human history of the Mount Washington region.

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Jakob Odell is the Data System Programmer of the Observatory:
“Vista Data Vision has more than met our needs and continues to perform
well today.”

Database connectivity

“The ability to access the MySQL database from external queries, and not just through the data browser, has enabled us to display data on our web site and custom displays that are found in several locations in the area. I have received many emails from people who love seeing the temperatures at different elevations, and VDV is what makes continuously updating this page possible.”

Data loggers

“We have a network of eight different temperature monitoring stations located at various locations around Mount Washington. Each station has a Campbell Scientific 107-L Temperature Probe, a Campbell Scientific CR10X Measurement & Control Module, a Campbell Scientific MSX 10 or 20 Watt Solar Panel, a Campbell Scientific PS100 12 Volt Power Supply with Charging Regulator, and a FreeWave Wireless Data Transmitter Radio (FGR-115RC) with a 900 MHZ antenna.”


“We needed a way to quickly and easily monitor these files for changes, and compile a database so that we could watch temperature trends at different elevations, as well as the ability to access historical data for scientific studies.”
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Important client

“One of our custom displays informs the AutoRoad of Mount Washington as to what the temperature conditions have  been like, so they can decide when conditions are safe for their customers.”

Useful web graphs

“Vista Data Vision has helped us by alleviating the work of having to design a custom interface to accumulate and store data. While we have not yet made full use of the superb web enabled graphs, the  ability to monitor the rise of fall of temperatures over time over the web has been a useful aid in certain occasions when deciding on important summit matters.”