AMM specializes in 24/7/365 data monitoring and collecting.  Our company principals are military veterans who understand mission critical performance and are dedicated to exceed expectations whenever possible.  We design all of our systems to be robust and stand-alone.  Our systems are designed to provide high-speed communication down to the user level.  This allows us to proactively identify issues and address them immediately.



Sensors in Igloo. Green color indicates that the value is OK and red indicates that alarm has been activated.


Real Time Display for air monitoring.


AMM uses the latest technologies and highly trained personnel to insure that your system performance auditing needs are met or exceeded.  We only use off-the-shelf technology that has been successfully deployed and thoroughly tested.  Our expertise is not in developing new technology but in effectively integrating existing technology into high performance, dependable systems.  We use a modular approach in system design that makes the most effective use of thoroughly tested systems and reduces the learning curve through deployment of similar platforms.


Vista Data Vision graph display.


Real Time Display on Google maps.


AMM has tried other data acquisition software but find VDV to be the most straightforward and reliable.  We use VDV to provide a web interface for our clients to view and manipulate their data.  In addition, we find the Real Time Displays and Alarm system invaluable for early detection of system issues and to minimize the use of site operators.  Our monitoring projects include: Intrusion detection, Environmental system monitoring, Solar Plant monitoring, Meteorological monitoring, Stream monitoring, and Air Quality monitoring.  VDV has worked flawlessly in all applications.  Finally, the tech support offered by the folks at VDV is excellent.  They quickly provide answers and have worked with us to create custom add-ons to VDV enhancing the software even further.


Real Time Display for water height mesurement.