On Site Training and installation at Orapa mine, Botswana

Largest Diamond mine in the world

VDV was recently assigned to install VDV at the Orapa diamond mine in Botswana, Africa. The Orapa mine (situated 550km north of Gabarone, the capital of Botswana) is the largest diamond mine in the world by surface area. Work on site at Orapa started in 1971.

The mine has installed weather stations and VDV was needed to display the collected data in real time, handle alarms and reports. Andres Andresson went on-site on behalf of VDV to perform the installation as well as to train the mine employees in the use of the VDV system.

Importance of Rain

Water is used to extract the diamonds from the gravel and dirt. The purpose of the system is to monitor weather, rain and surface water around the mine. The rain water can be situated in a closely defined area so the weather stations had to be situated relatively close to each other. With these measurements it is now possible to take more informed decisions on the mines water supply

Each weather station is about 10m high.