VDV Hosting

Vista Data Vision offers hosting of user’s data on its corporate VDV Premium cloud server. By using the hosting service users may access their data using any web browser.  After signing into the VDV cloud service data may be browsed, zoomed in and out and downloaded. Users will have access to all the features of VDV Premium.

-No start up cost. You don’t need to be a data collection – and presentation specialist. You save time with server configuration as we run the servers, web service and VDV software. You have access to VDV specialists for analyzing data and system problems.

-Fixed monthly cost with no hardware or software cost.

Supported Data loggers
The data loggers supported is the range of Campbell Scientific data loggers equipped with IP cellular modem and accessible from the internet. Also supported is data from most other data loggers which are able to forward data automatically by FTP forwarding service.

Re-branded VDV hosting service
As an option we offer a custom login page with custom URL which you and your clients can use.

Is this for me?
1) If you have a specific time period for a project it is easy to let us collect and present the data without needing to install servers and configure VDV.

2) If you do not have the infrastructure to run and operate the VDV Server.

3) If you like to have a fixed monthly cost for your data handling service, as well as quick access to Vista Data Vision staff for fault fixing and consulting.  You will not need to worry about software updates, server updates or the time spent on configuration – and maintenance work.

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