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Single solution for all Project Data


The purpose of VDV is to store all sensor data in a single database application and provide a single interface for managing all that data. VDV will import all sensor data whether it is uploaded from a datalogger or collected manually.  Once data is stored in VDV users are able to browse the data, view with various tools and draw conclusions using numerous analyzing tools. VDV is stable and is made to run 24/7 while importing new data, monitoring data using alarm thresholds and running web service for accessing data.  It has never been easier to share data with clients and colleagues.

Some main features:

  • Automatic alarm thresholds for all sensors implementing four thresholds limits
  • Automatic reports with tables, graphs, notes and other information
  • Powerful access control with individual settings for each user
  • Access to documents, notes and webcam completes the project overview

Where is VDV is being used?

What connects all of our users is that they have sensors connected to a datalogger or being manually collected. The data need to be published and analysed in Real Time and powerful backend features to make sure the monitoring network is up and running.

Bridges – Tunnels – Dams – Landfill – Slope stability – Embankment – Pipe – Pile – Foundation – Excavation – Mines

Take a look at our demo server and see what it is all about

Our Partners and Users