Wind Energy

VDV offers a powerful Wind Energy toolkit for studying the projected production from a Wind Site as well as comparing Wind Turbine’s real performance to the design criteria.  The VDV Wind Energy toolkit is flexible and easy-to-use tool that simplifies wind energy studies and long term monitoring of wind sites and -farms, and offering a total integration with all other features of VDV.

The purpose of the VDV Wind Energy toolkit is twofold;

a) To estimate power output in kW and energy output in kWh of a wind turbine based on a wind turbine´s power curve as provided by the wind turbine manufacturer and actual wind speed measurement, and

b) To compare the actual wind turbine power output in kW of a wind turbine to the Wind Turbine power curve.

The data input to the Wind Energy toolkit may be time series from an anemometer (wind speed and wind direction) as well as the power output from the wind turbine being observed.


The XY-Graph plots the wind turbine power output versus the wind speed on top of the design Power Curve profile to see the wind turbine production and behavior.  User may apply the filter process of Availability and Wind Direction and observe the wind speed distribution as Histogram and in table format.



The graph above show 7 days of actual wind turbine data. The Air Density variable is connected to an Air Density sensor.  The Wind Directional Filter has been selected.

In the top right-hand corner is an indicator showing that only (29%) of all data is within the filter settings for Wind Direction.

To the right-hand of the Wind Speed drop-down box is a display showing the actual energy in MWh (95.9).

On the right-hand side of the Power Curve box is a display showing the calculated energy in MWh based on the Wind Turbine Power Curve (94.4).

The actual Wind Turbine output in % is calculated as the actual Wind Turbine Power Output divided by the calculated Wind Curve Power Output (102%).



By checking Show Histogram check-box a Histogram will show the Wind Speed distribution.  Notice that the Histogram values are plotted against the right-hand side Y-Axis.  The Bin Size can be modified.

Wind Energy trend line display

The Wind Energy trend line display is used to predict the power output and the produced energy based on manufacturers profile curves of wind turbines and actual wind measurements at site.  The Wind Energy trend line display is a great tool to visualize the behavior of a wind turbine and its energy production. The Wind Energy trend line display provides graphical view of the calculated power output of a wind turbine based on its power curve and a wind speed sensor.  Also on display is the estimated average power output power in  kW of the wind turbine, the max kW, the load factor and total electrical energy produced during the selected time period.  The Wind Energy trend line display may also display the actual power output from a wind turbine and then compare the predicted output to the actual output.



At the bottom of the Wind Energy trend line display are indicators showing the Average kW and Max kW for both the Calculated and Measured Power Output as well as Load Factor (LF%) and MWh.

Load Factor (LF%):  Load factor is Average kW divided by Max kW.

The user may save all data shown in the graph by clicking the Save-to-file button, the data will be saved as text file to be opened in a spreadsheet application.