Trend Lines

Vista Data Vision gives users many options in how to organize and present their data. It is easy to scroll back and forth in time or select a specific time period using a calendar control.  You have quick access to numerical values for the graph being viewed at any time.


  • Combine data from different Sites: Easily combine variables from different Sites into a graph using the Page Setup Wizard in VDV.
  • View numerical Values & save data as delimited text file: When viewing data you have the option to view the raw numerical values as well as saving them to your own computer as a delimited text file that can be imported into Excel for further analysis.
  • Endless options to customize graphs: You can change color of trend lines, thickness of lines, background color, color below, above and in between trend lines, use left and right hand side Y-axis, set Y-axis scales as fixed, semi-fixed or auto, modify time stamp layout and so on.  You may also create XY graphs (Scatter-plots) and graphs with logarithmic time axis.
  • Access to all historical data: Select any time period fetch the data.