Run as a Service

It is possible to run parts of VDV (the db.robot.c and db.web.browser) as a Service.  It means that after you log off from Windows both these applications will run normally.  db.robot.c will continue to import data into the VDV database, to monitor data for alarms, to validate and to generate automatic reports.  db.web.browser will continue to run the VDV web service, e.g. to publish graphs, reports and other VDV web service to web based users.

Note: Users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Operating Systems:   Running db.robot.c as a Service has one drawback; Microsoft Word Reports cannot be created automatically. This is because of a Windows Security issue which does not allow a Service to communicate with MS Word.  Therefore all Microsoft Word Reports must be issued manually via the db.robot.c interface.
There is no problem with creating automatic Text Report when running db.robot.c as Service on these operating systems.