The Report Toolkit allows users to create Report summaries.  Select variables to include in the Report and which summary action to perform (average, max, min, sum).  The Reports can be generated as a delimited text file document or as a Microsoft Word document.

The Reports greatly simplifies the process of creating summary reports from logged data. Operators and Service Providers can add a valuable service to their customers by automatically creating and sending them weekly/monthly/yearly report.  Reports may also be generated manually as needed.

Report(s) can be configured to be generated automatically and sent to a group of contacts.  A monthly report can be set to be created the 1. day of next month.

If you choose Report in Word-format, Microsoft Word needs to be installed on the PC.


  • Automatically Generated: Reports may be created daily or weekly or monthly and send as an email attachment to contacts.
  • Table and Graphs: Reports may include tables and graphs.
  • Notes: Reports may include Notes.
  • Customize: Add header, footer, front page, logo and an introduction to the report.
  • Displacement Reports: Displacement Graphs may be included in Reports.