Real Time Display

Real Time Display (RTD) is used to give users a clear overview of all data on a single page or on multilevel pages.  Latest data can be viewed as numerical indicators and as trend lines on graphs.  Furthermore, Alarm Status and Data Update Monitoring of each variable may be indicated by background color.


  • Multi Layered: Use navigation buttons to link two or more RTDs together.  The top RTD may give general overview while the sub RTDs may show specific parts of the project in more details.
  • Indicators: Add numerical indicators, compass wind rose, displacement graphs and free text to give more information.
  • Alarm Table: Add Alarm table to show alarm status of project sensors.
  • Images: Add pop-up photos as well as images from webcams.
  • Graphs: Add graphs with the latest trend lines.
  • Contour Plots: Show the distribution of measurements over an area. Common applications include Temperature, Precipitation, Ground Water & Air Quality.