Quick View

VDV offers Quick View which is a powerful way of displaying data as trend lines with minimum configuration work.  Users may view all data from a site associated with the most useful displays and analyzing tools, all in a single overview.  Quick View offers:

  • All variables with same unit type are plotted on one graph.
  • Alarm overview for the current site.
  • Download Data.
  • Table view.
  • Quick access to Histogram / Diurnal / Wind Rose / XY Plot / Relative Plot.

A sensor variable without an unit will not be displayed on any graph.


There is a special version of Quick View intended to be used for SAA data.

SAA Quick View

See also the SAA View chapter.  It is simple to import SAA data into VDV by defining the Quick View setup as SAA. Next step in the process is to select auto detect of sensors or to manually select the sensors. Within minutes the SAA graphs are ready and you may analyze the data, set alarms etc.