Notes is a handy feature that allows web-based users to keep a maintenance diary for all your Sites.  If you want to write a Note or a message about a sensor or about the project then select Notes, choose the site (and sensor), write your Note, add picture and link the Note to time and day.  Notes is the perfect tool to write to whenever there is a maintenance of a field station, or re-programming of the data logger, or to write a comment when there is a sensor reading to learn from.  You may edit your Notes at any time.  Your colleagues and clients may also view the Notes.  Notes offer a smart feature; When browsing data on trend lines an indicator will show if a Note is associated with the data on display, then click on the indicator and Notes will pop up.

Notes can be connected with Reports. When creating a report for a specific time period you have the option to include all Notes for the same time period that are connected to variables in that report.

It is easy to include pictures in Notes.  Large pictures can be automatically re-sized. When viewing notes users can filter to show only notes that contain pictures.

Note with picture