VDV offers the G-Map toolkit which allows users to publish their data onto the well known and popular Google Map.  This feature gives the data accurate geographical position and greatly improves the overview.  The marker may change color depending on the alarm status of the sensors at that location where green is default color which will turn yellow or red depending on the alarm status.  When opening a marker the user may view data as trend line(s) or table, open text area for general or specific information and download data to users PC.  All this is customized during configuration.

The presentation of data using the G-Map Interface is an excellent solution to give public users access to measurement data using a interface that most users are familiar with.


  • Download Data: Latest data to a text file
  • Alarm Limits: Marker changes color pending on alarm limits (Green, yellow, Red)
  • Station Overview: Quickly get overview of all stations and their location.