VDV File Converter

The VDV File Converter is a powerful and flexible stand-alone application to handle data that is not already in the correct format for VDV.  The VDV File Converter opens doors to import data from almost any source storing data in a delimited text file.  This includes data from most data logging systems, data from spreadsheet origin and data found in manually maintained data sheets.  The VDV File Converter also supports incremented data forwarded from remote data loggers via FTP transmissions.

VDV File Converter will continuously monitor the selected data files and convert new data to a vdv compatible file.  VDV File Converter supports a large number of user-defined converting profiles and allows for monitoring of a large number of data files where all new data will be converted.

The VDV File Converter allows you to convert both a single data file or a folder of incremental data files (commonly found when data loggers use ftp to send data).


  • Folder Hierarchy: VDV File Converter can read data from files stored in a folder structure.
  • FTP data: VDV File Converter is able to read small incremental data portions as forwarded by FTP, convert and add to a single continuous data file.
  • File Prefix: VDV File Converter will search for files in a folder with specific prefix and only convert those files according to the converting profile.
  • Automatic: VDV File Converter will automatically scan each monitored file every minute or so.  If new data is found then that data will be converted, stored in a VDV compatible file format and then imported into VDV.