Displacement Graphs

Displacement Graphs is geotechnical toolkit for VDV used to plot data from In-Place Displacement Sensors at various depth. The Displacement Graphs setup and the user interface allow for flexible viewing of the displacement data.  The user may modify the view on the fly by selecting time intervals, the time period and number of simultaneous plots.  The Datum Point (baseline) may be moved temporary.  Each Displacement Graph may be customized by background layers. Superimposed alarm limits may be added as visualization aid.


  • Background Layer:  Select background layers, its location, color and pattern.
  • Alarm Limits:  Add Alarm Limits and send out Alarms to contacts.
  • Limit Profile:  Insert a fixed Limit Profile to the Graph.
  • Annotation:  Insert a Annotation to the Graph.
  • Presentation:  4 types of Displacement Graphs: Displacement Cumulative, Displacement Incremental, Deviation Cumulative and Deviation Incremental.