Moving Average

VDV offers the Moving Average tool, also called Running Average or Rolling Average, which is used to smooth data automatically. Each data point is converted to an average of the previous X values and the post Y values to create a new smoothed value for display on a graph. Moving averages are used when the general trend is of greater interest then every spike and bump. VDV allows the user to easily create custom moving averages, such as day moving average or hour moving average.  Often a trend line that has been smoothed using the Moving Average tool is given a name which indicates the smoothing.  As an example; +/-2 means that each data point presented on the trend line is the average of 2 sensor readings before, the actual sensor reading 2 sensor readings after. The Moving Average may be set to return unbalanced results like -10/+2 or -24/0.  By using the Moving Average tool wisely the readability of trend lines may be (greatly) improved.