Alarms are powerful feature that simplifies the operation of a network of data loggers and ease the workload of the operators.

Monitor sensor changes

VDV monitors new data on arrival and sends alarms as emails and/or SMS Text Messages to cellular phones if the sensor-values cross the alarm limits.

  • There are 4 limits LL, L, H and HH which are user defined (LL=Low Low, L=Low, H=High, HH=HighHigh).
  • Custom alarms let you set alarms for a average, sum or rate of change of a variable over any time period.
  • The alarm mechanism allows the designer to choose if alarm messages triggered by the inner limits L and H to be sent to one group of users and the alarm messages triggered by the outer limits LL and HH to be sent to second group of users. This can be useful if operational alarms are to be sent to operators while maintenance alarms like very low battery or out-of-range sensor values are to be sent to the maintenance group.
  • Alarm Attachments let you set your alarm messages to include the latest values of the triggered variable in a graph or a table form.
  • Reminder messages may be sent once a day to the personnel on duty.
  • User groups may be split according to shift plan, so messages are sent to different recipients depending on time of day or day of week.

Notify if data is not being collected – Watchdog

For each data file being monitored by db.robot.c VDV can be set to monitor the update time of its latest data.  This is also called The Watchdog timer function. If the date file does not get updated an update notification email and/or SMS Text Message to cellular phone is sent to a group of recipients.